Concert’s drug development platform applies proprietary know-how and technology for deuterium modification of known compounds to create new medicines that offer therapeutic advantages for a range of chronic diseases. Because chronic diseases require long-term treatment, Concert’s platform and expertise may be especially useful to enhance therapeutic properties, such as clinical safety, tolerability or efficacy.

Our approach is designed for efficient drug development by building on previously studied compounds to create a medicine that better meets patient needs, including: addressing an unmet need in a new therapeutic area, enhancing therapeutic properties, or improving tolerability. For each drug candidate in Concert’s pipeline, we apply technology to develop drugs to address untapped market opportunity, prioritizing compounds based on the medical needs of patients, commercial opportunity, regulatory considerations, competitive landscape and strategic business fit.

To date, we have implemented our DCE Technology to create innovative medicines, based on Concert’s industry-leading expertise in deuterium chemistry. We have applied our DCE Technology to develop novel drugs designed to have superior properties—including enhanced clinical safety, tolerability or efficacy—based on compounds that have established pharmacological activity.

Across all the applications of Concert’s platform, our unwavering goal is to create novel, differentiated and potentially superior new medicines that meaningfully enhance patient care—starting with the patient in mind from the very beginning of our drug design process.



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