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Concert Launches Summer Series – Learn the Whole Story – Focusing on the Impacts of Alopecia Areata

June 1st, 2021

Today, Concert launches a Summer Series of blogs and social posts under the theme, “Alopecia Areata Impacts: Learn the Whole Story,” shining a spotlight on the complexity of this challenging autoimmune disease and the everyday impacts it has on people living with it.

Research has shown that alopecia areata can have a significant impact on many aspects of daily life, extending far beyond hair loss and cosmetic concerns. In the Summer Series, we’ll explore the diverse physical symptoms that alopecia areata can cause, along with psychological impacts that can cause long-term trauma and change the course of patients’ lives.

Concert envisions a whole new future for alopecia areata patients, and we are proud to be developing a potential new treatment for this disease that could help make this future a reality. Until then, we’ll continue to work to raise awareness of the challenges and impact faced by people with alopecia areata. Follow this blog and our social channels, @ConcertPharma and LinkedIn, for upcoming “Learn the Whole Story” updates.

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